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Ufloor® Trafficable system
A Polyurethane based UV Resistant system!

High Durability

Easy Application

One Component

The Ufloor® system comprises of three components- a primer, a crack-bridging base coat and a wear coat.
Epofloor® 110 WB, a pigmented water based epoxy coat, particularly useful in wintry conditions. Click on EPOFLOOR®110WB GREY for more information.

Ufloor® GPX, a polyurethane based, solvent free primer. Click on Ufloor® GPX for more information.

Base Coat-
Ufloor® WP/WP Thixo, a crack-bridging, two-component polyurethane based membrane coat with outstanding elongation properties. Click on Ufloor®WP/WP Thixo for more information.

Top Coat-
Ufloor® UV Gloss, a wear coat which can be blinded with aggregates and back rolled to obtain a highly trafficable finish. Click on Ufloor® UV Gloss for more information.

For car park areas, in areas such as ramps which are subjected to additional wear, Ufloor® SL, a solvent free high hardness and abrasion resistant system is recommended. Click on Ufloor® Car Park Trafficable System for more information.

Area of Application:

  • Roofs such as car parks.

  • Detailing, sealing cracks and penetrations with Atechflex PU123C or Atechprufe BR10 Band

Download Datasheet:

  Ufloor® GPX

  Ufloor®WP/WP Thixo

  Ufloor® UV Gloss


  Ufloor® Car Park Trafficable System

  Quick Reference Chart of Trafficable System

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