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Atechprufe LB10

High UV Resistant, Latex Modified Emulsion Coating with High Elongation!

Water Based

Upto 1000% Elongation

One Component

AtechprufeLB10 (Atechprufe LB10) is a water based, high build liquid waterproofing membrane based on bitumen modified with latex. Due to its thixotropic nature, the product is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. The membrane has wellbalanced (well balanced) properties and may be used for allpurposes (all purposes). The membrane is highly resistant to chlorides and sulphates commonly present in the soil and also possesses excellent UV Resistance and long term ageing stability.

Area of Application:

  • High-quality coating for all waterproofing and damp proofing needs.

  • Also suited as a curing membrane.

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  Atechprufe LB10

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