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Atechprufe AP-3PL + AP-3RB

APP Based system with Outstanding Durability!

Polyester Reinforced

Even Thickness thro'out

Root Resistant

Atechprufe Torch-on system (Gardens)is atwo-layer torch-on system, comprising of a 3mm plain base sheet and a 4mm root inhibitory membrane.

Atechprufe AP-3PL(Base Sheet) is a 3mm APP based polyester reinforced, plastomeric membrane forming the intermediate layer.

Atechprufe AP-4RB is a 4mm APP based polyester reinforced, plastomeric membrane with root inhibitory properties.

Area of Application:

  • Planter Beds, Garden Roofs etc.

Download Datasheet:

  Atechprufe AP-3PL (Base layer)

  Atechprufe AP-4RB (Top layer)

  Associated primers is Atechprufe Bitprime SB

  Detailing with Ufloor PU-B100

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